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Design of Landfills and Integrated Solid Waste Management

[ 26-11-2008 ]

Studi Kajian Baku Mutu Air Laut Untuk Kawasan Industri dan Konservasi
Universitas Indonesia
[ 25-11-2008 ]

Valuasi Ekonomi Dampak Pencemaran Udara dan Implikasinya, Studi Kasus: di DKI Jakarta
Maria Ratnaningsih, SE, MA
[ 24-11-2008 ]

Kajian Pengelolaan Mangrove dan Terumbu Karang Pulau Sangiang, Banten
Agus usly, Unggul Aktani, dan Achmad Fahrudin
[ 24-11-2008 ]

Liberal Theory, Human Rights and Water-Justice: Back to Square One?
Dr. Radha D’Souza (R.Dsouza1@westminster.ac.uk)
[ 29-10-2008 ]

Observations on the Intersections of Human Rights and Local
Bill Derman (derman@msu.edu) & Anne Hellum (anne.hellum@jus.uio.no)
[ 29-10-2008 ]

Macrodynamics of Globalisation, Uneven Urban Development and the Commodification of Water
Professor P Bond (p.bond@mail.ngo.za)
[ 29-10-2008 ]

Water, National Sovereignty and Social Resistance: Bilateral Investment Treaties and the Struggles against Multinational Water Companies in Cochabamba and El Alto, Bolivia
Dr. Susan Spronk (susanspronk@yahoo.ca) & Dr. Carlos Crespo (crespoflores@yahoo.com)
[ 29-10-2008 ]

Judicial Enforcement of the Human Right to Water – Case Law from South Africa, Argentina and India
Inga Winkler (i.winkler@gmx.net)
[ 29-10-2008 ]

”...Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Water Efficiency Plans by 2005“ Why, What and How? (TAC Background Papers No.10)
Torkil Jonch-Clausen
[ 22-10-2008 ]

Water as a Social and Economic Good: How to Put the Principle into Practice (TAC Background Papers No.2)
Peter Rogers, Ramesh Bhatia & Annette Huber
[ 22-10-2008 ]

Regulation and Private Participation in the Water and Sanitation Sector (TAC Background Papers No.1)
Judith A. Rees
[ 22-10-2008 ]

Predicting The Global Extent of Arsenic Pollution of Groundwater and Its Potential Impact on Human Health
Peter Ravenscroft
[ 10-10-2008 ]

Environmental Economics for Sustainable Growth: A Handbook for Practitioners
Anil Markandya, Patrice Harou, Lorenzo Giovanni Bellu & Vito Cistulli
[ 10-09-2008 ]

Sosialisasi Tarif Air Minum PDAM Pontianak

[ 09-07-2008 ]

Assessment of Resource Flows in the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector: Ethiopia Case Study (Water Supply & Sanitation Working Notes, no.2, January 2005)
Opeter L. Watson, Joseph Gadek, Eyob Defere, Catherine Revels
[ 24-06-2008 ]

Kota-Kota Dalam Transisi: Tinjauan Sektor Perkotaan pada Era Desentralisasi di Indonesia (Working Paper No.7, Esat Asia Urban Working Paper Series)

[ 24-06-2008 ]

Why Do Differences in Provincial Incomes Persist in Indonesia?
Jorge Garcia-Garcia & Lana Soelistianingsih
[ 24-06-2008 ]

Simplified Sewerage Design Guidelines
Alexander Bakalian, Albert Wright, Richard Otis, & Jose de Azevedo Netto
[ 29-04-2008 ]

Integrated River Basin Environment Assessment (Proceedings of the Forum Technical Session, Grand Cube Osaka, March 19, 2003)

[ 23-04-2008 ]